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Festival 2015

Welcome to the website of Spots op West, the sunny theatre festival of OPENDOEK, the Flemish governmental organisation for amateur theatre.

The 2015 festival edition will be special, because Spots op West will be going international. In close cooperation with AITA/IATA asbl, the International Amateur Theatre Association, theatre companies from all over the world will come to the Westhoek, a region in the southwest of Flanders, Belgium. During the festival AITA/IATA asbl will organise its bi-annual General Assembly and Congress in the closeby city of Ieper/Ypres.

Site specific theatre is the main focus of Spots op West. Dozens of companies will perform in a theatre, but also in a warehouse, a shed, a church, a café, a party hall, in the open air… Furthermore, in 2015 special attention will be paid to young adults and the theme 'On The Run'.

Spots op West takes place in Westouter, a small village on the French border in the Westhoek, a region in the southwest of Flanders where you can enjoy nature, peace and West Flemish mountains. A region where the memory of World War I is still very much alive.

You can enjoy Spots op West as an active theatre practitioner or as an passionate theatre goer. Besides theatre, there's room for small talk, walks and something to eat and drink.

Spots op West 2015 takes place from 7th - 12th July.

Take a look around our website and soak up the atmosphere. Welcome at Spots op West.